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The Ultimate Jesse Gordon Favorites List—Ver. 1.0

Just for shits and giggles, I tried Googling myself, and stumbled upon this list of favorites:

What’s Jesse’s favorite…

Author: Piers Anthony, because of Phthor

Book: The Tooth Fairy, by Graham Joyce

Music: Tangerine Dream / Electronica / David Arkenstone, though not necessarily in that order

Song: Vangelis’ Mythodea, “Movement 4” – good cooking music

Movie: Contact, because Carl Sagan was awesome!

Sport: Breakdancing, but if that doesn’t count, then gymnastics, because it’s the closest thing to break (dancing)

Athlete: Elena Zamolodchikova

Pasttime: Playing guitar, film-making, Yoga (believe it or not)

Food/Drink: A variety of pastas – Italian, to be on the safe side; Moroccan mint green tea, though not all the time

Color: Blue

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers when it’s cool, briefs when it’s warm

Sun Sign: Capricorn, because they get things DONE

Operating System: A tie between Windows XP and Mandrake Linux 9.1

MP3 Player: jetAudio

Video Game: Serious Sam

Web Browser: Mozilla, because of “tabbed browsing”

Web Site:

Well, I guess the list isn’t too far from the mark, though I have no idea where the cooking part came from. I’m a very basic cook—pour and stir, that’s about it. If I had to pick a favorite movie, it would probably be one of the Indiana Jones flicks. I don’t really follow sports (I used to follow gymnastics somewhat, as I worked on a gymnastics web site for a client), but Elena could be one of my favorites.

Yeah...she got it going on

Yeah…she’s got it going on.

Wait, now that I’ve Googled her too, I think she’s going down in my little black book along with all the others. ;)