Monthly Archives: October 2003

I Need to Disappear

I need to disappear for a little while to take care of my webmastering duties, but I will be back by mid-November to continue with The Knack (that horror / grunge / teen angst opera – LOL). In the meantime, feel free to prowl around my deviantART page, where “Battle Circle” (epic fantasy) is still up:

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by to read and/or comment on the story. A lot of interesting (and very useful!) improvements have been suggested, particularly concerning the ending, which was perhaps a bit too sudden. Additionally, I’d like to expand upon the idea of the battle circle itself in future installments—as well as on the history behind Alexander’s being half elf, his relationship with the god Taurus, and his time as an athlete at the Eternal Champion (with Min).

So there’s plenty to do, and, as usual, twenty-four hours per day doesn’t seem like enough. Yet, if given the choice, I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

Oh, and before I forget: Listen to any good Rush album while in the gym. For some reason this is the ONLY way I can get through three sets these days.

Free advice from an amateur. ;)

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