Monthly Archives: November 2004

The Ultimate Filler Entry for November

Halloween was a sleeper. I stopped going Trick or Treating at about the same time I realized I didn’t need a costume to be mistaken for Harry Potter or Young Watson. Over the years I’ve learned to suppress my childhood candy-gathering cravings so that, on each and every October 31, I’m completely satisfied with a bag of store-bought Hershey’s and a rented copy of Young Frankenstein.

(This year, Joey wanted to answer the door as a Catholic priest, with Velcro-boy leg accessory and all, but I told him if I have to spend one more holiday down at the local jail, I’d strangle him with his own collar; he ended up as Slash instead.)

I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other day. What a beautiful piece of work that was! The story, the camera work, the acting—it was a low-budget film, but it was superbly done. The effects were, well, effective, and the finished product hit home. Love—for you, for me, and for everyone we know—will invariably involve boredom, alienation—sometimes, even, outright anger. But it doesn’t mean it’s not part of the mix. Erasing the bad and keeping the good is something I know I’ve thought about (though not literally!), but how much of the good do we lose when we suppress our own memories? And if we went into a relationship knowing all the things we’d know a year ahead, would we still go for it?

Sadly enough, most of the people in my clique think Eternal Sunshine… is about the dangers of memory erasure. ;)