Plastik Simplicity, with Extra Cheese

With the arrival of the new year, I’ve made a silent promise to continue with my recent minimalist trend. I’ve resisted upgrading the site for the millionth time, told myself to “simply keep it simple.” This has leeched over into other areas as well: keeping the homestead clean, organizing my files, removing the barnacle from the toilet bowl. ^__^ To make it all official: I’ve installed a Plastik desktop theme (ah…to dream of a world united by Linux…), which looks really nice; there’s even a good WinAmp skin to go along with it:

Plastik for Winamp

Christmas went nicely. I had the good(?) fortune of having Joey as an in-house guest for most of the time. He brought his computer over and we played video games most of the time. Now when I dream, I see visions of Super Mario bopping glowing cubes for coins or Donatello bashing Foot Soldiers in the gut (and causing them to explode). I did come to one awesome conclusion: Joey’s fancy-pants Pentium 6 (or whatever it is he has) “monster” of a PC is actually about as harmless as a Commodore 64. Well, maybe a level or two above that—but it’s funny, as the only games that seem to work properly on the thing are at least fifteen years old. :p

In between the geek-fests, we inevitably talked about health and diet stuff. Joey’s a health nut—though he subsisted entirely on fast food for the entire duration of his stay—and was wondering (as I was) what the heck “Aronia Berry” is, and why it seems to have suddenly appeared on the ingredient lists of many varieties of frozen fruit juices. After a little light-hearted research, I discovered that “Aronia” is a more pleasant name for Chokeberry—I can see why the name change was favored.

I got sick this year too, though unlike previous years, it wasn’t the flu but my own pathetic eating habits that did me in. Rosa’s Pizza has to be the greasiest of the greasy spoons; the food tasted damned good on the way in, but on the way out…let’s just say the human body has a way of chunkifying even the most beautiful culinary dishes when it wants to. In any case, the event caused me to miss Burning Tree Projekt’s show at the Galaxy—though there are photos up on the BTP Xanga site. My favorite, of course, is this one:

Danny, the man with the hat

Danny, the man with the hat

Danny, the man with the hat, the man with the moves. ;)