Monthly Archives: November 2005

Distributed Logic and Other Illogical Items

I have a new short story (a novelette, actually) up at the Aphelion web site, so if you’ve got a few minutes, and if you like to read more than the back of a box of Cheerios, have at it. You can even print the story out, fold it into an ornate piece of origami, use it as wintertime insulation, or merely set it on fire in an attempt to resurrect the jaded essence of Wavy Gravy himself. ;)

The story itself takes place in a somewhat grim, somewhat surreal, somewhat possible future where a social-sim computer game called SimpliCITY drives a young man to some shocking ends. Think of it as yet another piece of thinly-veiled social commentary from an author who has an unhealthy affinity for computers (and cheese).

This is what deviantART artist capall-rundaimhair had to say about “Distributed Logic”:

Dude, this story is freaky-weird in a Twilight Zone cool way. I love how [Bryan] nearly kills himself through starvation and dehydration (there are some things the Internet can’t give you!), and the parental units (I can’t really label them parents…that seems too personal, too responsible)…*shivers* That last paragraph was perfect.

The other day, we had a problem with some people parking in our reserved carport slot—so I drafted a notice to tape to the offending party’s windshield:

Warning Note

For some reason, the note didn’t resolve the problem, so I resorted to Plan B: paying Joey to live and scowl in the carport for 1 week.

Good times.