The Rocket Summer

Last year, during a BTP show, I got a sampler CD from The Militia Group, which included many slick tracks from the likes of Brandtson, Anadivine, and the Beautiful Mistake, among others. Naturally, I checked out the TMG web site and discovered a whole catalog of goodness.

One of my favorites is Bryce Avary’s baby, the Rocket Summer. Listening to Hello, good friend (which, I believe, is the latest TRS release on the Militia Group label), I was reminded of Ani DiFranco’s do-it-yourselfedness and early Hanson’s earnest honesty (well, to be fair, the Hanson brothers have actually gotten better with the passage of time as they’ve moved off the airwaves, away from the pop schmaltz). Not to put down any of the work of TMG’s other very talented artists, but most of today’s local up-and-comers follow the garage band or hardcore route; the Rocket Summer is much simpler, much more intimate—no wall of sound needed.

So, yeah…that’s what’s in my CD player right now. If you like guitar/piano combos, go check this guy’s stuff out.