Saturday the 14th

I’ve received a lot of e-mail concerning the site’s continued sluggishness, and all I can say in response is, “I know.” I tried scaling back a lot of the PHP scripts I use, but that doesn’t seem to be having much effect, if any at all. Not that I was fudging, but damn…this is yet another reason to hurry up and get with another host. My current guys tell me it’s simply a matter of Vertigo Alley being a big site that gets a lot of monthly hits—but, to be honest, I’ve been watching the stats, and there hasn’t been that much of an increase in traffic since the start of the year. Everything was working pretty darned well back then, before this summer’s server “upgrade.” After, well, you’ve seen, you know. That’s why I pulled some in-betweeners this week and finally managed to get a lot of the foundation work out of the way so that when it comes time for the move, I’ll only have to worry about copying and pasting files (and not making sure said files are ready to begin with). What does that do for us in the meantime? Absolutely nothing, I’m afraid.

If it’s any consolation, some site enhancements slipped out during my tinkering. I’ve added a “open site in new window” button at the top-right of each page so that those of you with huge monitors / screen resolutions of 1280×1024 and higher can view the site in a more appropriately-sized browser window. (You need to have JavaScript enabled for this to work, though.) There’s also a shiny new RSS feed, and several CSS tweaks to make the site look a little better in legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Now you can open the site in a new window...hoorah

Monotonous book news: My latest novel, Stories from the Steel Garden, is still on sale for only $10, so grab your copy before the deal runs out! Reviewers, e-mail me for a special deal.

In closing (just because), here’s a prime example of body-snatcher coincidence in which Sal is not only himself, but the gelfling Jen and 80s actor Doug Toby as well:

Salvador con quesoJen PeralesSal the Mystic Warrior

And that’s not counting Claude as Fyvush Finkel, Suzy as Dominique Moceanu, and Joey as Billy Bob Thornton in Badder Santa.