Explanations and Sneak Peeks

Yup. New domain name, same site. I’ve been trying, for the last few years, to get www.jessegordon.com, but it seems the other Jesse beat me to it. Jessture.com seemed like the next best thing, so I took it. (True, www.jessegordon.us was available when I last checked, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it as a “.com” name.) Vertigo Alley fans, take heart: the entire Colossal Theatre collection is not gone, it’s only been moved to my YouTube page—and I will be keeping the Vertigo Alley name / logo for my book imprint.

Hmm…why do I feel like I just approved a corporate merger?

This is what I’m working on at the moment:

The Reformed Citizen, by Jesse Gordon

It’s an anthology of novellas from my recent “dark phase,” and includes a few rarities as well. Release date is…soon.

The new Clawn cover of “Anything” is out:


The other day, Sean gifted me with Clawn’s collected works on CD. And no, I wouldn’t even think of posting it on all the P2P networks. That’s John’s territory. But you should think about possibly poking our new gods of action figure rock until they agree to release the CD to the Clawmmunity.