MySpace Censors Mannequins

Apparently the cover photograph for my new chapbook, Babe, is in violation of the MySpace TOS (terms of service):

Babe - A 40-page promotional chapbook

Naked mannequins! Featureless breasts! A subdued mons! That’s about as much “detail” as anything you’d find in a Marvel comic book, where the heroines are pretty much naked female bodybuilders with costumes spray-painted on their bodies. But apparently the above picture is a naughty no-no, and has been declared by the MySpace staff to be more disturbing than, say, what’s posted on Carlton Mellick’s profile page, because his naked Satan Burger woman squatting over a dinner plate is still up, untouched. I suppose I should have known that the intonation of a woman defecating onto a plate is more socially acceptable than a benign photograph of a quartet of nude mannequins standing around waiting to be clothed.

(Or perhaps I merely have yet to reach the friend-count that has allowed Mr. Mellick freedom with his various eccentricities.)

Ah, my first TOS violation. I have arrived. ;)