Babe, Vacation, and the Moon

I’m down to my last copy of “Babe,” the free limited edition chapbook I’ve been handing out at bus stops and laundromats all over Orange County this last month. If you want it, contact me. If you don’t, contact me anyway as I like to get mail from time to time. ;)

Jeremy Shipp tells me his recent signing at Barnes & Noble was a rousing success despite the last-minute removal of any and all parasitic cookies from the premises. I’m not surprised that he did well without the supporting act, considering that his debut novel, Vacation, is one damned fine book. I reviewed it some time ago, and it still stands up as one of the better small press / POD releases out there—but don’t rely on my word alone:

None of the usual accolades work for Jeremy Shipp’s Vacation. The reader is not amazed, astounded, or aggrieved—the reader is achingly curious, alarmingly moved, and at the end, astonished by the vision and darkness and redemption. No one writes like Shipp, and that’s a great thing.

—Susan Straight, author of A Million Nightingales

Jeremy’s got many more where that came from, including a nice blurb from my avatar, Piers Anthony.

Has anyone seen Space: 1999? I’ve been living under a rock inside a cave hidden away inside another cave on a Chthonic planet far, far away, so I only recently stumbled upon Space’s brilliant premise—that Earth’s moon has been blasted out of orbit, leaving a team of stranded moon-men (and moon-women!) to attempt survival without so much as a Howard Johnson’s. And a younger-than-yesterday Martin Landau is the leading man.

shonsta’s new guitar DVD is awesome. The tag line is, “Face-melting guitar techniques.” I watched.

And my face melted.

And I’m going to watch again. ;)