Madcap’s Flaming Duty

Tangerine Dream - Madcap's Flaming DutyMadcap’s Flaming Duty, by Tangerine Dream, is a beautiful album—and, with the exception of the quirkily-superb Cyclone, I almost never say that about Tangerine Dream albums featuring lead vocalists. But this time around, it just seems to work. Chris Hausl’s voice is a good match for the music, which alternates from Floyd-esque anthem to dreamy electronica to your more straightforward trance / house—and there is some really good guitar work as well. Nothing to write home about, but I do like how Edgar and the rest of the new lineup have done the texturing. “The Blessed Damozel” happened to start playing while I was working on a writing project; it was one of those lucky coincidences where the music totally matched the moment. ;) A worthy departure from 2006’s excellent Jeanne d’Arc.

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