And On Into 2008 We Go…

Wow, I let this thing get a little stale, didn’t I? You know what that means: a catchup entry to set things right—but first a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who voted in this year’s Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll. The results will be posted in February, so it’s too early to tell if “Fear Stomping” managed to crack the top 10, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed, and will post an announcement next month.

I’ve been getting a lot of mail concerning my new Text Message “text strip” experiment (in the right-hand column, under the “Books” list). I guess I should explain: I take a long time to complete my bigger projects (me and my Vertigo Alley consorts are still arguing over which cover design to use for Heroes’ Day…and which body typeface…and which trim size—but it looks like the final release will be in April), so naturally it makes sense to keep my quill wet (quill? Who am I kidding?) with a series of smaller, more laid-back pieces. To that end, Text Message is a series of semi-fictional instant messages based on real IMs I’ve had with various people over the years. Names, places, and bank account numbers have been changed for obvious reasons, but the basics—beer, computers, and porn—are all there. With any luck I’ll have to post a character sheet and plot notes a few months down the line. Else, there’s always the delete key.

For you Amazon Kindle owners: While I’m still under the perhaps-old-fashioned impression that the concept of e-books is a mite pretentious, I’ve nevertheless had my publishing minions make three of my books (The Knack, Stories from the Steel Garden, and The Reformed Citizen) available as Kindle e-books. The Kindle editions should be linked from the respective paperback edition pages, and should be listed in the science fiction / fantasy sections of the Kindle Store. Let me know if they cause blindness or if there are other side effects I should know about.