Something for May

I just found out that gymnast / photographer / montage maestro Aleksas Trotter passed away unexpectedly in late April at the age of 21. I was one of his many online fans. I’d met him while doing research for my next book, Heroes’ Day. We talked about the sport, and he gave me several insights into how and why I wanted to write a book with a gymnast as the protagonist. He was also to design a book cover for me, but alas I didn’t get around to the nitty gritty until it was too late. The Journal Times has written up a touching obituary:…PersonID=108134525

I never knew Aleksas in person—nevertheless, he was one of those Internet correspondents who could make you feel rain or sunshine without ever seeing you face to face. He also had a literary penchant for what is often a very beautiful—and very brutal—sport:

The magic of gymnastics is that it is just as abstract as it is exact in its measurements (i.e. storytelling and scoring). It is as enigmatic as it is enthusiastic. It is outward, inward, flawed and flawless. It, like life, is an interesting tale. And it doesn’t need to be judged, yet it is, because impending judgment is humanity’s best way for survival (I believe). And it gives everyone a reason to prove themselves. It keeps us on our toes and let’s us know that what we’re doing is not for nothing.

He will indeed be missed.

The PODDYmouth blog is missing in action. No word as to why or where, though I did find a brief mention at this blog:…/Where-did-PODdymouth-go.html

Anyone have any ideas what happened?

Finally: How many of you take your scrollbars for granted? Ever wonder if there might not be a better way to get the most out of your scrollbar? This video demo, by Thorsten Wilms, offers an interesting twist:

Popup Scrollbar Concept Demo

Popup Scrollbar Concept Demo

Has anyone seen my messy mouse skills lately? This might not be a bad idea!