A More Appropriate Jessture

This is where I’m supposed to gush about the new site design and all that good stuff, but quite frankly, it’s not even noon and already the thermometers have hit the 100° mark. So, instead I’ll spew out some random goodness to take up space / bandwidth. As you can see, my home page has once again been rearranged. That brings us to version 7.0 or so, based on “Disciple,” by Regis. Most of my entries have been migrated successfully. My blog is 99.9% intact, and you can now post comments at the bottom of each page (you can even use your own avatar, if you go to Gravatar.com).

More importantly:

Besides that, I’ve been leading the typically quiet writer’s life. Write, edit, mail, etc. I’ve learned a few things while doing Heroes’ Day, though. For starters, according to a reader, there are things Shawn Johnson can do that would break my neck:

There are things Shawn Johnson can do that would break your neck

I’ve also learned that for the last eight years I’ve been using ’til as a shortened form of until when the preferred form is actually till. Stupid English language.

Moving on: I’ve learned that no one “gets” the Heroes’ Day commercials we put out last month—although it’s unanimous that seeing Ernesto subdued by an airborne paperback is pure gold:

Oh, and just because I timed the release of Heroes’ Day to coincide with this year’s Olympic Games doesn’t mean I was able to successfully steal Beijing’s thunder. Like much of my work, the book has been selling one or two copies a week. So, it’s a slow and steady burn…sort of like the pilot light on a gas stove.

Holy freakin’ Gawd, The Knack was full of typos. Why didn’t anyone tell me it’s “whoa” and not “woah”? In any case, you’ll notice the 2004 Lulu edition is now out of print. I’m working on a new version, ala Time Chaser: Special Edition, with a better handle on my prose. Hopefully there’ll be some new cover artwork, too. Which reminds me: anyone out there interested in doing a cover for me? I’d be ever so delighted to hear from you.

That’s it for now. Have fun with the new layout, and drop me a line if you’re feeling amorous…or if you have that $50 you owe me. ;)

3 thoughts on “A More Appropriate Jessture

  1. Christine ·

    My daughter thinks that picture of Shawn Johnson is hilarious. Isn’t she a darling? I’m a third of the way through your book and am enjoying it. I still haven’t watched the commercials yet. But I hear they’re a riot! All the best, Jesse.

  2. jesse ·

    Thanks, Christine. I’m glad you liked the commercials, as well as Heroes’ Day. :D Shawn is this year’s Games’ Carly Patterson, in a way, isn’t she? LOL All the best.

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