Blu-ray…Fading Away?

Blu-ray coasters, appearing at a pub near you!

Blu-ray coasters, appearing at a pub near you!

I’ve hated Blu-ray since the beginning. A Yahoo! Tech article by Christopher Null explains some of the reasons why:

I like comment no. 5, which is pretty much my bottom line. Blu-ray is simply too expensive at the moment to warrant going out and replacing one’s DVD collection. The big boys are going to have to level out those retail prices—and I don’t mean by raising DVD prices so that the DVD version of Indy 4 sits alongside the Blu-ray version on the store shelf, both priced at a cool $30. To say nothing of the fact that DVD really is “good enough” for most of us. Ever see the Superbit version of The Fifth Element? Disc 1 is dedicated entirely to the movie, while disc 2 contains the extra features. It looks pretty darned good.

Or maybe I’ve just become so addicted to YouTube that anything of decent quality looks good to me. ;)

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  2. Quinn ·

    Unfortunately I think you’re right. :(

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