Hacker Muscle

My hacker's physique is better than yours

A friend recently told me that I have a hacker’s physique. To that I say, hellz yeah I do! Years of consistent computer use have given me massive space bar thumbs. I can hitch a ride a mile in advance, my ass can and has been used as a flotation device, and my spinal curvature would make Charles Montgomery Burns himself green with envy. To say nothing of my all-over computer tan… :D

By the way, yes, it’s true, I deleted my MySpace. No reason besides my not having the time to keep it updated. So, if you want to keep in touch, this is where I’ll be. Right here. Working on my computer tan.

3 thoughts on “Hacker Muscle

  1. kelly ·

    Haha, I’m too much of a country girl to ever get anywhere close to a hacker’s physique ;)

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