Familiar Ground

Two street team members deface a clothing rack in Costa Mesa

Two street team members deface a clothing rack in Costa Mesa

One of the problems with new year’s resolutions is that the ones you make are usually the ones you break, and the ones you keep are the ones you never make in the first place. I was actually moving away from my site duties as 2008 wound down—but then I read a pair of books on Web promotion, and now I’m suffering from blog fever. Much of this is due to the launch of SuperMegaNet. But it’s also a culmination of having been online for nearly ten years, three of those at Jessture.com, posting videos, selling books. I think I’m finally coming to terms with the blogosphere in general. I’m more willing to whore myself. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I’m serious. I’ll prove it with a couple of tie-ins—and crossovers. I don’t have a beefy marketing department at my disposal, so I’m going to go door to door, if need be, until every last person in southern California has a copy of Heroes’ Day in their hands…or, failing that, through their living room window.

I mentioned crossovers above (as well as briefly in Between the Chapters). This year, in addition to darker / edgier themes, you’ll be meeting some recycled characters in SuperMegaNet. Frequent readers will already know that I hate wasting material, and that I often bleed themes and characters from one project to another. In 2003, I almost turned my then-current Heroes’ Day draft into part of the Urban Prophets storyline. That’s why Alyssa was a gymnast, and why “Swarm” took place ~seventy years from now. I very nearly sent Alyssa to Olympus, but decided in the end to keep the two stories separate. Something similar is happening now. There was this whole personal side to Monica Sardinia, but it would have been overkill to keep all the little stories in the Heroes’ Day final draft. Like the scene where Monica sneaks into Keene’s Gymnastics with Pat, Sarah, and Amy and has a slumber party. Overkill, but not necessarily without value. Thus: Monica’s training partners have become Summer’s friends, “jockettes,” as Ernie likes to call them. They’re useful bits from another project, and, admittedly, shameless tie-ins to Heroes’ Day.

So, to the readers who’ve asked me why certain plots and characters seem uncannily similar to one another, there’s your answer. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

6 thoughts on “Familiar Ground

  1. Mark ·

    The new year (to me) means trying to get the Jenkins Group off my flat tush. Because, if you have a book out there, anywhere, this insidious organization, worse than the NSA, they want your cash, and don’t give the gash. Not even an after sex smoke. I only read five blogs at the most, giving me comfort that I’m not the only one out there who uses computers as a lifeline, and writers recycle. Nothing we do goes to waste.

  2. jesse ·

    I’m just trying to make some money this year. LOL That almost certainly means setting the writing thing aside and revving up my Web design projects once again. So, I’ve updated my back catalog, but new material will have to wait. Sitting around scribbling out rough drafts doesn’t pay the rent, nor does it help alleviate credit debt. LOL I gave it ten good years, but now it’s time to fuck off for a while, repay my family for all their patience. ;)

    By the way, nice hearing from you, Mark. Keep on keeping on! :D

  3. Megan ·

    An interesting trend you have here, this recycling of your characters. Have we become so obsessed with “going green” that even authors are required to cut down on literary waste?

    I’m sorry to hear about your impending hiatus. I was looking forward to more Supermeganet—but you have to do what you have to do right? If it’s any consolation, I’ll be waiting impatiently, so go do what you have to do—but don’t take too long!!!

  4. CRYPT ·

    lolz dude who even gives a crap about most new years resolutions? most people never EVER keep their resolutions…. lolz

  5. Rob ·

    My new year’s resolution is 1280×800 :D

  6. jesse ·

    Megan, I’ll keep doing the SuperMegaNet thing. It’s good practice. Other more ambitious projects will have to wait, though. I need to get my head out of the clouds first.

    Crypt-Keeper, I hear you. But what will we break if not our resolutions? Bottles? Plates? The hearts of those we love? :p

    Rob, we have the same resolution. Coincidence or something more? :D

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