Gordonism: Shit happens to those who wait

As shitty as it sounds, the New Age entry on this poster inspired me the most

As shitty as it sounds, the New Age entry on this poster inspired me the most

There’s been a lot of shit on my mind lately—a side-effect of geekdom, apparently. Supposedly those of us blessed with analytical, mathematical, or artistic minds find it hard to “turn off” or shift from one collection of thoughts to another. My brain’s been loitering; I’ve been coping with the realization that “The Ultimate Crunch” video was never meant to be more than a YouTube clip. Basically, I (like many others) fell for the gimmick and bought a dozen bags of Doritos as props in the hopes that it would be worth something more than just revenue for the Frito-Lay company. Thank God I wasn’t naive enough to eat everything afterward.

I’ve been getting back into the Web design biz, and am remembering now all the reasons I left it behind in the first place: no one wants to pay you for shit they don’t want to do themselves. It’s kind of a paradox, as is trying to figure out where to go next in the next decade of my life. SuperMegaNet has kept me sane. I’m having fun working out all the personalities and story lines. There’s a lot of me in Theo, and a lot of Theo in me. It’s keeping my mind off the little worries, having this doppelganger to help bear the load. And I can use Ernie to say all the things on paper that I’m too polite to say in real life. Blogging is my new therapy, it seems…though I promise not to resort to girlish crush reports and angst-filled diary entries. That’s what MySpace is for.

Funny how the silliest little things can sometimes make a difference. The poster above proved to be quite motivational. “Visualize shit happening” is just what I’ve been instinctively starting to do as of late. Not only that, but making shit happen, too. I promised last year to have The Knack re-released after the demise of the original print run; now I’ve followed through with a pocket paperback version, available in limited form, but available. Death to typos!

Also featuring a brand spanking new cover is the pocket paperback version of Heroes’ Day. I never liked the faded yellow painting cover, which was a hasty replacement for artwork that was to be done by Aleksas Trotter. Sadly, he passed away before he could finish it.

With rising prices on everything, it seems we’re a teeny bit closer to having parity between mass market and print-on-demand paperbacks (which were expensive to begin with). The latter matters to me because, as a starving writer utilizing an independent publisher, POD is all I’ve got—and that’s both a blessing and a curse. Reminds me of some interesting comments from Wil Wheaton at last year’s Comic Con. His DIY statements towards the end rang true. For the last ten years I’ve been trying to find acceptance at the major publishers when perhaps I should have been doing it myself all along and building an audience through my Web site. This relates to the “visualize shit happening” thing. Wanna visualize with me? Scroll down and leave a comment. “Boo!” or “Bite me!” will do just fine. ;)