Fear of Pollution

The New Podler recently invited me to become a contributor. My first blog for them is up:

In response to the recently posted “Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab” NYT article, why do I feel like the elite lads are complaining their exclusive club isn’t so exclusive anymore? I get a slight sense of impending doom from Motoko Rich, as if the Published Authors Club isn’t feeling as important as it once did when an author was either published or unpublished—not this in-between DIY nonsense where everyone has a voice and is using it (for better or for worse). I’m not knocking traditional publishers. Their editors are (mostly) impeccable, their market penetration is very nearly absolute, and (the majority of) their authors have proved their worth repeatedly. But they can be a tad whiny at times. Especially when someone forms their own club across the way.

Read the rest here, and let me know if my little bitch impression is any good.

2 thoughts on “Fear of Pollution

  1. Sophie Kim ·

    DOOORRRK!!!!!!! so do you have any idea when your going to call me? ill be very upset if you dont lol :)

  2. Charles Ortiz: The One and Only ·

    The bigger the company, the more resistive to change. I don’t mean to be a negative nellie, but the old models are failing. As you mention in another blog post there are only 3 major scifi magazines left. That should tell you something.

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