Pickup Lines

It’s raining today. Since I don’t get the paper (and if I did, it would be sitting on my doorstep right now, soggy and bleeding ink all over the mat), I’ve been snuggling up with some online comic favorites:

She's my dream girl!

Of course, my pickup lines are only slightly better than this, and almost always involve suggestive references to my USB cable, her USB port, and speeds of up to 480 Mbit/s. Baby.

How about you? Got any smooooth pickup lines?

8 thoughts on “Pickup Lines

  1. Philip ·

    me I like to get right to the point. I guess I’m boeing that way. I go up to a girls and I’ll say” are you married?” figure its either that or ” How you doing?” Hence why I praise god I do not have to be single and deal with bullcrap like pick up lines. hope this helps

  2. CRYPT ·

    My best pickup line is “NO I WONT TOUCH YOUR BUTT FOR A DOLLAR!”

  3. Sean ·

    Do you believe in love at first sight? ….. Or do I have to run by again?

  4. Megan ·

    I don’t have any pickup lines, but I do have pickup MOVES. :D

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  6. jesse ·

    I’ve tried the guitar line, too – to which my prospective date(s) typically respond, “Pish. Air guitar, maybe.”

  7. kelly ·

    A hillbilly at a gas station (overalls, only one strap on, no shirt underneath) looked my truck over, grinned at me and said, “Sooo, you go four-door, huh?” That was his idea of a pick-up line! I’m still not sure what exactly he was alluding to…and I know I don’t want to know!

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