Andorian Flu

The new Pepsi logo

My sinuses feel like the new Pepsi logo (interpretation) looks: a bulging sac of snot ready to explode all over some poor pedestrian’s face. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating; I don’t feel that bad. But I don’t exactly feel all that good either. Hence my not updating my blog in a while.

The new Amazon Kindle is out. An optimistic quote from the POD People blog:

Now, with the sale of e-books on the rise, I think it’s worth the effort for authors to get their books to readers in whatever format is available, more options means more readers. Plus, I can offer the book at a cut-rate cost since there are no production dollars associated with the end product. Readers are more willing to take a chance on a new or self-published author if the investment is minimal.

I’ve had several of my books available as Kindle e-books for a while now, but haven’t yet added the proper links to my site. That’ll come later in the week, after I’ve learned to taste and smell again. ;) Anyone have any home remedies for the flu that don’t involve witchcraft or voodoo?

5 thoughts on “Andorian Flu

  1. Abbey ·

    Haha wow! That is hilarious. It reminds me of the manager with her little wheel feet. =D

  2. Philip ·

    wow. does this logo. like choclate pudding at 7 am?

  3. kelly ·

    ROFL! I’ll never look at a Pepsi the same!

  4. guru ·

    Hey I really like your material, I’ve been a long time reader I can’t wait for more!

  5. jesse ·

    Abbey, I *totally* see the resemblance. ;) I need to find that drawing and post it for all to see. LOL

    Phil…what can I say except thank you for re-kindling a James Lick memory I thought I’d finally suppressed along with all the others. :p

    Kelly, I never looked at Pepsi straight-on anyway.

    Guru, thanks. I can’t wait either. :D

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