I Can Do It Myself

Wil Wheaton offers up a few self-publishing resources over at his blog. My favorite bit:

I’ve seen a direct relationship between PDF sales and print sales, which is awesome and totally validates what I’ve always suspected to be true, but I was too afraid to try on my own.

I tend to oscillate between small press publishers and self-publishing, both of which involve a substantial amount of effort on my part as far as packaging and marketing goes. With the blogosphere’s rise to prominence, it looks like self-publishing is gaining more credibility. Oh, there’s still stuff out there that makes me cringe, but putting out your own book is no longer as vain an act as it was, say, 10 years ago. I was hesitant about the PDF thing at first, but discovered that my print sales actually increased when I started offering free PDF downloads from my site, or when I posted my novels as weekly serials.

So, do-it-yourselfers, take heart: You can go a long way with OpenOffice.org, Lulu.com, and a decent blog. ;)