Dog Ear Publishing

Dog Ear Publishing

This morning I spotted an article in my feed reader from the POD People blog. This one’s on Dog Ear Publishing, yet another option for DIY publishers:

I took a look at their site and the Compare the Competition Page is quite nice and refreshing. The specs are pretty typical of the books produced in the trade category at any of the self publishing companies. Self publishing costs are derived from the web sites and companies listed. They admit to higher costs than say a Lulu but tout that their costs are on average $300 less than most subsidiary/self-publishing firms.

As Cheryl mentions, do your homework before waving your credit card in front of any POD / DIY publishing service—or before hastily deciding that self-publishing is the way to go in the first place. Regardless of your final choice, it’s good to know your way around some formatting / layout software, and to have the time and inclination to promote your book(s) afterward. Above all else, remember: Your spell-checker is your closest friend, but he’s prone to making silly little mistakes. You’re not looking over his shoulder because you think he’s a blundering dumb-ass, you’re looking over his shoulder because two heads are always better than one. This is the do-it-yourself arena, after all; any bonus skills you can tout will most definitely result in a better book. Put it to him that way and he’s sure to understand. ;)

3 thoughts on “Dog Ear Publishing

  1. bjacobs ·

    Unless this company can offer better distribution than Lulu I would say this is expensive for what it is. And only 150 pages allowed for the package price? :-|

  2. jesse ·

    It all comes down to what works best for you, what you’re willing to spend, what your goals are, etc. I’m a Lulu fan, but I also know people who despise Lulu’s publishing process. Bottom line: What do you want to do with your book, and which service feels most comfortable to you?

  3. Miles Nelson ·

    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for listing us on your website. Since becoming familiar with your site, my partners and I find ourselves returning. You offer helpful information. Keep up the good work.

    Miles Nelson

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