The New iPod Stifle is just one of many tech sites posting news on Apple’s new iPod Shuffle and how it’s going to tell your current earphones to fuck off:

Most of you will know that Apple recently unveiled their new iPod Shuffle, much to everyone’s surprise. Well, it appears that there have been some dirty secrets uncovered about the new device: according to iLounge, Apple has put DRM in the hardware to prevent you from using any earphones that you want.

I’ve never been an Apple fan. Almost was, as my first computer was actually a donated Macintosh—before it was reclaimed by the original owner’s daughter a week later. My next was a PC with Windows 95 and Microsoft Word on it. I learned on the Windows platform, so that’s what I’ve stuck with these last twelve years, only recently moving to Linux on a permanent basis. But for the price, I don’t see what’s so spectacular about a Mac. If it’s all about interface, that’s fine. Anything’s better than Vista (why oh why must it automatically shuffle my folder views every few days?). However, I’m not vain enough to pay big bucks for something that the Ubuntu 8.x series has given me for a far more attractive price. I’m also not willing to sacrifice comfort for brand name approval. What if I don’t like Apple’s array of earbuds? Is it blasphemy to want to plug in a pair of Sony V150s into my iPod? Not that those are the most comfortable headphones in the world, mind you. They’ve merely grown on me.

As for MP3 players, it’s all about the iAUDIO. Now that’s a baby I’d pay big bucks for…if I hadn’t already settled for a Sansa e260 (a high-end mediocre player with above-average sound quality) in 2008. The iAUDIO plays MP3, Ogg, FLAC, among others. It’s dead sexy. And it doesn’t need the latest version of iTunes in order to sync tracks with your PC. Copy and paste, as God intended. :D