The End of the World (For Just a Few Days)

Yay! My Internet’s back up. I never knew a few days’ time offline could feel like forever. Ugh, the follies of addiction. ;)

MegaTokyo #1196 showed up in my feed reader, and has reminded me why I got hooked on the comic in the first place: Largo’s little pseudo-world. Somehow he manages to interact with the “real” MT world enough to survive, to feed and clothe himself—and yet not be a part of it at all. It’s something I’m striving towards.

I had to use my Windows Vista install for a couple of days. It’s been ages since I did anything on that side of my laptop. Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t seem to suck that much. In fact, I’ve been able to remove the “you are using IE, please be aware that this site may not work correctly, blah blah” notice from the top of each page. Not that my loyalty to Firefox has wavered, but this means I can now code pages with less worry that they’ll show up looking like puke in IE. Yay (again).

I was cleaning up my bookmarks when I came across my old Scribd page, which, apparently, is still up and running. There’s a Heroes’ Day preview there which looks and reads just like the pocket paperback version of the novel (provided you have Flash installed).

Okay, enough randomness. :)

2 thoughts on “The End of the World (For Just a Few Days)

  1. l33t_master ·

    Yes, Megatokyo is teh coolness! IE8, not so great. BTW, now that your internet is working again, post more Supermeganet!

  2. jesse ·

    I plan to post more SMN…when life stops sitting on my head!! ;)

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