Books That Taste as Good as They Read

In lieu of shelling out nonexistent big bucks for billboard space, indie / DIY authors are turning to shopping bags, cookies, and cakes. The LL Book Review posted a blog on this over the weekend, and it syncs well with the whole “wear your domain name on your T-shirt” gimmick (which I had all my friends do back in the days).

A cute idea:

…they made a cookie for me which pictured the cover of my novel Misfit McCabe. Sondra mentioned to me that whenever they send their Wonderlicious book out for review or send out a press release, they send along a few cookies with the package to help sweeten the disposition of the recipients. It will definitely make your submission stand out from the crowd and give the recipient something to remember you by. One other idea that will help sales along, is to have a batch of photo cookies made to give away along with the purchase of a book for book signings.

Hey, give it a try and you may even charm one of those crusty old editors who adheres strictly to his 12-point-Courier-on-plain-white-bond submission guidelines. ;)

3 thoughts on “Books That Taste as Good as They Read

  1. Megan ·

    Mmm, edible literature!!! I always thought The Reformed Citizen would look good as a cake! (nudge-nudge-wink-wink)

  2. jesse ·

    I believe, Megan, that The Reformed Citizen was voted in high school as “most likely to become a cake.” ;)

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