The Teletype

You think your shiny new laptop is pimpin’? Check out this beauty from 1968:

The Portable Teletype

The Portable Teletype

Without an introduction, you’d never know if the man in the picture was carrying a computer or a marionette doll in his case. One thing is for sure: If the mainframe ever went down, he could easily pass the time by using that thing to blast his deltoids. Oh, and his answer to the question posed in the Technologizer article linked above (“Wonder how the guy in the photo would have reacted if you’d shown him even the most mundane notebook from 2009?”): “Rubbish! You can’t work up a sweat with that!” ;)

One thought on “The Teletype

  1. batsu ·

    That pic is just great! I’ve always wondered : What did my grandfather’s laptop look like?? Lol

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