It’s All About Oatmeal

Coming to a pantry near you:

Oates...the high-fiber killer

Oates...the high-fiber killer

Now that the script is a go, I finally feel like I can start promoting The Oatmeal Man as more than just a constipated nightmare. This is one of those projects that gets me giggling like a schoolgirl just by hearing the title. It’s basically about what happens to a group of friends when they take an impulse trip to Las Vegas—via the I-40. Don’t ever go that frickin’ way. I don’t care if your boyfriend heard they filmed Vacancy somewhere around there. He’s lying just to get into your pants.

The Oatmeal Man is all about oatmeal…and blood. And maple syrup. And explosive diarrhea. It’s part of my new campaign to not give a shit anymore about what I write or why I write. “Fiction doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to taste good.” A traveling salesman told me that. I trust him.

More morsels and possibly a trailer when Sean, the film’s unquestioned master, flushes them out my end… (Ew, bad pun!)

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  1. jesse ·

    There’s a Vacancy 2? But didn’t they learn their lesson in the first one?? haha

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