Super Cheater!

leepro's awesome rendering of a super cheater

If I’d known as a kid the cheat code to unlock the shortcut linked above (which is not actually from the game, but still a way-cool vector job nonetheless), I would have been so pimp.

Does anyone remember being small with fireballs? How about the minus world, or any other noteworthy glitch, for that matter? My contribution: When my brother and I were kiddies, we were playing the first level of Super Mario Bros. 2 and one of us accidentally jostled the NES—thereby turning the waterfalls into blood and the falling logs into evil-looking uprooted vegetables. That’s totally true, I swear. What’s still up for speculation is whether or not it was the vegetables that possessed my mom several months later when she took a hammer to our NES, shouting “Evil! Evil!” repeatedly.

Here she is offering her apology:


In all honesty, it was probably better that the Nintendo went when it did. Otherwise I might have missed all those late night Star Trek marathons. That’s a good thing, right?

2 thoughts on “Super Cheater!

  1. Jeff ·

    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

  2. Jeremy ·

    I LOVE mario 2. The graphics are bland and the music is annoying as hell after the first few levels, but it was a much better reinvention of the franchise then Simon’s quest. Nopthing but love for mario.

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