Dogs Are Weird

Why do dogs howl at fire trucks?

I don't know. Next time you see a dog, ask him.

Pepper, the family schnauzer, is usually the cutest, most well-behaved little thing you ever saw, except for when she’s pissing on the living room floor—and when she’s howling at passing fire trucks. It’s almost like she gets hypnotized. She could be romping around the patio, or I could be playing a game of catch with her and all of the sudden she’ll freeze, cock her head, perk her ears, and start howling. It doesn’t exactly sound like the high-pitched sirens are bothering her, so I’m going to take micki’s suggestion and join in the next time a fire truck comes our way, see what happens.

Another little quirk: Pepper hates having her picture taken. She let me snap her photo once last year—and then never again. She doesn’t even like the idea of cameras. If I walk into the room with a camera in my hand she’ll dart out the nearest exit or duck into her kennel.

Just thought I’d put it out there: Dogs are weird. ;)

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  1. TaunaLen ·

    Such a great post. It caught my eye because I used to have a dalmatian named Pepper. I love the randomly tagged pieces you have here on your site, and the whole Oatmeal Man project looks great. Keep up the good work.

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