No butts…well, maybe a few

Blink and you’ll miss Ricky Berens’ butt smiling for the camera

I was talking to Sal about this weekend’s impending The Oatmeal Man shoot, during which certain specific (totally tasteful, I swear!) vertical smiles are bound to occur, when I heard about Ricky Berens’ high-tech swimsuit malfunction during the World Swimming Championships in Rome. The subsequent Google news results got me thinking: When a woman shows her behind the immediate effect is usually artistic or sensual; when a guy shows his ass it’s just plain funny, but still effective (read: Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Look what it did for Ricky’s online visibility—and for Philip J. Fry’s career:

An asstounding likeness

And for Andy Dick’s:

Andy Dick file photo

Well, maybe it wasn’t as good for Andy as it was for Ricky, but my point remains valid. :P

2 thoughts on “No butts…well, maybe a few

  1. Mike ·

    Andy Dick! hahahahaha!!!! Funny Jesse!

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