Pretty Women Dumbify the Male Sex

What's my name?

What's my name?

This Telegraph article isn’t telling us anything we don’t already know. The basic finding is that men use up so much of their brain juice trying to impress attractive chicas that they have little left to perform other mental tasks simultaneously. I can vouch for this. Pretty women make me dumb(er). Plus, they smell nice. How do they do it? Peggy Bundy once explained it: “You see, nature played a very cruel joke on [men]. It gave them a source of pleasure, but in order for it to work, the blood has to leave the brain…it leaves them confused, disoriented and eager to enter into negotiations. Because the brain wants that blood back…it needs it to go to work to pay for all those things it agreed to only moments before.”

One line in the article I don’t agree with, though:

Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man.

This is untrue. Women who talk to a handsome man are 50% more likely to tune me out mid-sentence, especially if the three of us are sitting together in a night club setting. Also, women dating / married to handsome men are more likely to suspect adultery than those involved with less handsome men (ie: computer geeks or basement trolls).

To simplify: Pretty women make men stupid, handsome men make women jealous.