Nine, Ten, Nine

Hmf. I missed the whole “the world will end on a trio of nines!” thing until just now, when I spotted this article in my inbox:

Today’s date has the sort of symmetry which some people think will bring them good luck, while others claim it can only mean the end of life as we know it.

Since it’s now The Day After, and since I’m still here, I can only assume triple nines isn’t all that bad…unless they’re hanging upside down from a tree branch. Life seems fairly humdrum here at the beach. I did have an FML moment at the library yesterday. Does that count? This young / attractive / fit woman was studying at the next table over; as I considered striking up a whispered conversion (as one does in any library environment), she suddenly stood upright, started gathering her things—and farted something wicked. And you know how it is at the library: every rustle, every scratch, every keystroke echoes. Needless to say, the poor gal was down the stairs and out the door within seconds.

So, triple nines. Good luck for some, bad luck for others, and flatulence for the rest.

2 thoughts on “Nine, Ten, Nine

  1. Kathleen ·

    Now there’s an FML for you! I think I’d head out the nearest exit too if I’d been in her shoes.

  2. jesse ·

    I’d make a pathetic attempt to blame it on the person sitting next to me…before heading out the nearest exit. LOL

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