Monthly Archives: October 2009


Jesse: No new nothing from me until next week. Hopefully. It’s like The Stand around here. Buzzards are collecting outside my bedroom window. One of them chiseled the initials R.F. in the bark of a nearby tree. I’m screwed.

Theo: Oh. Well…feel better, I guess.

Eva: Yeah, feel better, Jesse.

Jan: Ditto.

(A moment of silence.)

Ernie: Fuck.


The offline world has been keeping me busy, so posts have been sparse this past week, I know. Rather than default to that tired old cliche of making a blog entry out of explaining why I haven’t been blogging, here’s a little spark of pure genius I spotted on Kris Wilson’s deviantART page:

Innuendo kills

I hope it does for you what it did for me. :D