Memories of Oates

The Oates, together in Garden Grove

The Oates, together in Garden Grove

I was standing atop a hillside covered in animal droppings and trying to figure out the manual focus function on Cheryl’s Sony Handycam. Down below, John Karyus, flanked by Diane and Carri, made his way across a dried riverbed; at the start of the incline, he stopped beside a tree, squatted, took a handful of dirt, and started rubbing it vigorously on his face, in his hair. This was Day 6 of The Oatmeal Man shoot and I was spending the afternoon at Shit Mountain…and I was thinking to myself, “Sal was right, this is awesome—the Colossal Theatre gang is making a movie!”

Now, several months and many blog entries later, the hard part is over. Now the hard part can begin. Now we get to attempt to cover up all our mistakes while reveling in our triumphs. In many ways, it’s been a long year, and yet the weeks and months have flown by. It’s all a blur. Certain things do stand out, though. There was that afternoon when Sean and Claude made love on top of Shit Mountain (which you can glimpse here, if you wait till the very end). There was the table read, at the start of which Kaleo showed up with this fancy Nikon-looking camera. He started taking pictures of everyone, and I thought to myself, “Wow, this is pretty cool! Sean hired a professional photographer!” Later on it dawned on me that this was the guy who was going to be wearing the oatmeal suit. He just happens to be a professional photographer, too.

I remember the first day of shooting with John Karyus, how he bathed in dirt on his way up the mountainside (mentioned above). Later that same day: John Karyus, by now quite sweaty and dirty, playing with himself for ten straight minutes while Sean and Colten set up their next shot. I remember Sal sweating bullets the night we shot his bottom. I remember how Krisondra freaked when Claude got a hold of the camcorder and kept farting on everyone. She came to me, dirty, wet, and disheveled, and she pleaded with me: “Give me your camera, I need to fart on Claude with it!”

It’s moments like those that have given me the conviction to say, “I helped make a movie about an oatmeal man, and I’m darned proud of it!” Happy New Year, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Memories of Oates

  1. Colten ·

    Some of the best ones I think were.

    1. Claude and Sal under the car debating how to fix it (complete improv)

    2. Watching Sal getting a hardcore oatmeal facial.

    3. Watching Claude run while his pants fall off.

    4. And last but not least, watching two grown men (Sal & Sean) getting there asses beat by two laughing eight year olds.

    Theres a bunch of other times that were hilarious like Kaleo’s oatmeal moon walk or the Sean and Claude’s rapefest, lol.
    But the numbered memories above pop into my head first when I look back on the hilarious moments that happened.

    Watching Sean cry was also very hilarious.

  2. Sean ·

    The best memory I have is the Salsa that we had for lunch at shit mountain!

  3. Claude Foster ·

    DUDE….ALL THE MEMORIES WERE GREAT FOR ME! Thanks Jesse for writing a fun movie that is just us as real people in an unreal setting. I had so much fun doing this and hope to have the opportunity to do it again. Great time with the old CT crew!!

  4. jesse ·

    Awesome memories, guys. If nothing else, this has given us the chance to spend some quality time together…sixteen hours a day, beginning at the butt-crack of dawn. Yeah, that kind of quality time! :p

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