100 Games Cupcake Game

This is sweet—literally:

Pacman eat pellets? I eat Pacman!

Pacman eat pellets? I eat Pacman!

That’s 100 cupcakes for 100 classic games in celebration of 100 years. Hover over the question mark beside each cupcake for the answers. Deliciousness.

Also delicious: the annual Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll, over at the Critters.org site. I don’t have any eligible works this year because I’ve been doing screenplays about oatmeal. But there are a lot of people I know on the list, and they’re pretty darned good at spinning yarns. Show some love.

3 thoughts on “100 Games Cupcake Game

  1. Sean ·

    awesome! that was pretty creative.

  2. jesse ·

    More proof that 8-bit is *still* affecting a generation of gamers. :p

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