Legotivity: M. C. Escher's Relativity rendered in Legos

Legotivity: M. C. Escher's Relativity rendered in Legos

I think I know where my current love of pixel art stems from: Legos. Pixels are just flat Legos, right? I loved Legos (and Lincoln Logs) as a kid, and now, as a hapless adult, I love pixels. Modern-day developers are trying their best to banish the pixel with each new generation of video game console, but there’s just something about having an entire character’s essence squeezed into a modest grid:

Link, as intended by God

You know what was bomb back in the day? Combining Legos and Lincoln Logs when you were too poor to afford extensive collections of either. My brother and I used to do just that. We’d build immense metropolises that stretched from the living room to the front door, using logs for bridges and roads, Legos for homes and buildings. The first thing out of our mom’s mouth when she got home from work and tripped over a miniature city intersection: “What have I told you about leaving Legos on the floor?!?”

Here are some amazing Lego creations that just blow my mind and make me wish I had the time, ingenuity, and luxuriousness of hair I had when I was ten years old.

7 thoughts on “Legotivity

  1. Sal Perales ·

    It’s all about Lego Han Solo in carbonite…. and luxurious hair that blew in the wind and was not dreads.

  2. Terrance Foxxe ·

    I used to do Legos with my son. And my wife would say the same thing. LOL Moms, sheesh. God love them, somebody has to.

  3. Kelly S ·

    I do miss playing with Legos. My sister and I would pull out the legos and the Little People and all sorts of other toys we had and make the living room carpet disappear LOL

    Luxuriousness of hair is overrated when you try to comb it out later and it’s one big knot =P maybe I should start pulling my hair back when I drive with the windows down…

  4. jesse ·

    Sal, the Lego Han is breathtaking. So is the frozen-in-carbonite George Lucas. Even his luxurious locks couldn’t save him. :p

  5. jesse ·

    I hear you, Terrance. LOL Ours was a single mom, so she had double duty — she wasn’t able to just hand off the disciplinary duties and go for a glass of wine. I think that’s part of the reason my siblings and I are so nice to her nowadays. :p

    Kelly, you just reminded me of a third trick my brother and I used to flesh out our modest collections: Transformers. When we ran out of Lego men, we populated our floor cities with Transformers. Once or twice we staged an invasion using Pound Puppies. It was glorious. As for hair, I think hindsight glosses over a lot of the actual details regarding logistics, manageability, etc. It’s easy to “remember” my hair having perfect hold throughout my teen years, even though that most certainly wasn’t the case. LOL

  6. Alexander the Great ·

    How did Link ever kill anyone with the sheath stuck on his sword like that?

  7. jack blanton ·

    if u like pixels have you ever tried playing minecraft

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