SuperMegaNet Softcovers, Over and Out. Oh, and Zombies.

The Horde T-shirt

No, the above picture has nothing to do with my main blog post. It’s just a really wicked zombie T-shirt design by Aled Lewis that caught my eye over at

Some sad news (or happy news, if you’re an Ernie-hater): The limited edition softcovers of SuperMegaNet Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now sold out. I’ll probably combine them into a large omnibus thingie later on, when there’s enough material for a good ~200 pages. At least then it’ll warrant the higher cost of a paperback. In the meantime, the e-book versions can be had for a dollar a piece, if you download from Scribd or Smashwords. The versions are still $2.00. Dunno what’s going on there.

And now I’m off to continue my work creeping into unsuspecting group photos:

The Oatmeal Man cast & crew...and some guy with glasses