The Month Novellas Took Over the World

June is Novella Month

June is Novella Month, according to the folks over at the Emerging Writers Network. What the heck is a novella, you ask? Jen Michalski puts it this way: “A novella is like the 13-inch single from your favorite band.” Only it’s more like a ~10,000–70,000 word story from your favorite author. Longer than a short story, shorter than a novel is about what a novella amounts to. Something you can read while sitting in the car waiting for the kids to finish soccer practice.

As an example, here’s a free PDF download of “Babe,” readable on any computer or device that, well, reads PDFs.

So you know what you’re getting into, here’s the obligatory blurb:

In a time of medical marvels and social revolutions, Demis Matheson regrets living his life as an unfortified, aged Fogy—until he meets a Babe named Chronos, who tests his notions of youth and beauty.

And yes, of course there’s sex and violence involved. Pointless otherwise.