Bring to boil, stir occasionally

It never fails: You can have a computer sitting quietly in the corner, doing nothing, and it will purr right along for months on end. But the instant you actually need to use the effing thing, blue screens start popping up, hard drives start choking, keyboards start losing their keys like the needles on that old Christmas tree my family refuses to throw out. I’m actually writing this blog with quill and parchment, which seem to be the only things that work around here…though the quill may have bird flu. Fuck.

Technical glitches aside, there is progress being made as far as the movie is concerned. The “pre-festival cut” is now done, on DVD, in the mail, making grotesque gurgling noises in the back of some poor postman’s delivery truck. That means we’re another step closer to Premiere Day…whenever and wherever that is. In the meantime, Sean and I have been taking notes, and while there’s certainly room for improvement down the line, things are looking pretty darned smooth. All the ADR shit is done as of last week, and it’s really added a layer of depth to the proceedings, a hearty dollop of personality to the characters. And I have to say, the effects used in the opening grabber sequence look damned pimpin’. It totally doesn’t look like we shot it where we did and with what ridiculous resources we didn’t have.

What comes next is pretty boring to anyone outside the Pulsar Pictures cult. Submissions are being prepared, paperwork is being filed, voodoo dolls are being prepped as we figure out where the film will be seen, how it will be distributed, and so forth. The good news: There’s plenty of behind-the-scenes footage floating around. Hopefully enough to make it look like we’re busier than we actually are.

On that note, I’ve posted an impromptu interview we did of Moira Dennis (who plays Lisa) last month, during the filming of The Oatmeal Man’s final scene. Go watch it. And tell your friends.

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