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That Day YouTube Gave Us Egorections

Sean puts on his best Hitchcock at the Oates mini-screening

Sean and I got egorections the other day during post work on The Oatmeal Man titillation scene. On a break, we searched for something like “really cheesy horror” on YouTube—and that’s exactly what we found: killer dinosaurs dismembering bad actors, severed heads gnawing at exposed necks, zombie-ass-kicking priests, and bespectacled nerds foreshadowing about trolls.

While we were waiting for video clip #5 to load, Sean turned to me and said, “Dude.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Our movie is at least as good as these.”


YouTube, I love you. ;)

(BTW: Sexy new Oates wallpaper posted at The Oatmeal Man Twitpic page:

As if the oats had become both instant and original

Claude warms to the cast and crew

Just to keep the smell of moldy oats wafting about: Yes, The Oatmeal Man is still being made, no, there’s no truth to the rumor that Sean has accepted an offer from Paramount to turn the film into a Wilford Brimley biopic. I just started that rumor right now.

There’s no new video blog this week because everyone’s busy doing their own thing. There is news, though. The newly-filmed “titillation” scene (I can’t say more, for fear of what Director Sean’s lawyers will do to me) is looking really good. Our lovely actresses did a wonderful job being terrified. Most of the visual / sound effects have been applied, bringing things up to par with the introductory Rich & Ann exhibitionist sequence. The biggest plus here is that Sal’s luscious ass is no longer the only bit of bare flesh present throughout the movie, and we now have a bridge between both the silly and the serious.

Four months ago, I thought we had it right when the movie was primarily a buddy flick that gradually turned into a horror flick. But the transition was too slow. We ran the risk of losing the buddy movie fans after the second half, and losing the horror fanatics after the first ten minutes. Now I think we’ve got a little something for everyone. Unless you’re allergic to oatmeal. If that’s the case, you’re screwed.

In lieu of some bonus footage or a groovy wallpaper (since we just don’t have anything new this week), here’s a little behind-the-scenes story to make this week’s blog special: During the road trip sequence toward the beginning of the movie, Lisa shows off her appreciation for 70’s rock trios by ripping on Emerson, Lake & Palmer. There’s supposed to be a joke about Greg Lake fucking up the rock trio formula, something along the lines of, “You’ve got one of the greatest keyboard players of all time, one of the greatest drummers…and Greg Lake.” But Moira Dennis (who did a wonderful job playing Lisa, by the way) didn’t quite get the joke, and ended up delivering the punchline with Greg Lake on a pedestal. No one on set caught this but me—because I’m the only poor bastard who still listens to 40-year-old prog records while trimming his handlebar mustache. It’s probably better we left the joke out of the final cut.

Note on punctuation: Why does the official “Emerson, Lake & Palmer” punctuation have Greg Lake and Carl Palmer paired against Keith Emerson? Shouldn’t it be, “Emerson, Lake, and Palmer?” It’s shit like this that really bugs me…

This is the sound of me jerking off…

I Want to Believe, an amusing cartoon by seemikedraw

My last blog post is woefully out-of-date, I know. And this one is little more than a placeholder until I can get that new SuperMegaNet episode posted tonight. I’d planned on posting yesterday, but Director Sean took over my office until nine-thirty. So, I had to fuck off for a while. Eight hours, actually. That’s two whole paragraphs at the rate I punch keys.

(Clarification: I’m so full of shit it’s hampering my ability to type cleanly.)

Basically, I’ve been putting in major hours on both the 2012 and Fractal Shift projects, and it’s been keeping me away from my blog. So, just a head’s up: SuperMegaNet posts will be more sporadic than usual (is that even possible?) until after October. Or until I start getting paid to do them on a regular basis. Don’t count on that happening anytime soon, though. The line for Satanic endowments is around the block, and there are already a dozen heads of state, over 400 congressmen, and nearly a hundred senators ahead of me. One of them is demanding a refund for a Senate seat.

The Coming Solar Fart

The Barman responds to tomorrow's announced CME

Outside my taking the ten minutes to back up my work folder to a DVD this afternoon, I swear I’m not an alarmist. Tomorrow’s light show would have to cause a lot of other unsightly problems before it wipes our hard drives clean. And even then, I’d probably adapt like the rest of you, apply my Farmville skills to the real world and start a vegetable aisle (that’s what it’s called, right?) in my backyard…though, thinks Paranoid News, that’s probably easier said than done:

It so happens that 99.99% of my life depends on technology. I need microwave ovens and cellphones to give me brain tumors, I need telephones to get annoyed with telemarketing phone calls, I need the Internet [to download industrial amounts of porn]…

And I need the Internet to watch entertaining What If? specials like this one, from the Discovery Channel (watch it while you still can):