The Coming Solar Fart

The Barman responds to tomorrow's announced CME

Outside my taking the ten minutes to back up my work folder to a DVD this afternoon, I swear I’m not an alarmist. Tomorrow’s light show would have to cause a lot of other unsightly problems before it wipes our hard drives clean. And even then, I’d probably adapt like the rest of you, apply my Farmville skills to the real world and start a vegetable aisle (that’s what it’s called, right?) in my backyard…though, thinks Paranoid News, that’s probably easier said than done:

It so happens that 99.99% of my life depends on technology. I need microwave ovens and cellphones to give me brain tumors, I need telephones to get annoyed with telemarketing phone calls, I need the Internet [to download industrial amounts of porn]…

And I need the Internet to watch entertaining What If? specials like this one, from the Discovery Channel (watch it while you still can):