This is the sound of me jerking off…

I Want to Believe, an amusing cartoon by seemikedraw

My last blog post is woefully out-of-date, I know. And this one is little more than a placeholder until I can get that new SuperMegaNet episode posted tonight. I’d planned on posting yesterday, but Director Sean took over my office until nine-thirty. So, I had to fuck off for a while. Eight hours, actually. That’s two whole paragraphs at the rate I punch keys.

(Clarification: I’m so full of shit it’s hampering my ability to type cleanly.)

Basically, I’ve been putting in major hours on both the 2012 and Fractal Shift projects, and it’s been keeping me away from my blog. So, just a head’s up: SuperMegaNet posts will be more sporadic than usual (is that even possible?) until after October. Or until I start getting paid to do them on a regular basis. Don’t count on that happening anytime soon, though. The line for Satanic endowments is around the block, and there are already a dozen heads of state, over 400 congressmen, and nearly a hundred senators ahead of me. One of them is demanding a refund for a Senate seat.