I am an evil human being for liking this video

(No, I’m not going to tell you how many times I’ve replayed it.)

A quick update: I’m still working to meet various deadlines, so no new SuperMegaNet episodes just yet. No new nothing just yet, actually. I did hear that the technical glitches affecting the Smashwords versions of my e-books have been resolved, so if you’ve purchased anything for your e-reader and been less-than-satisfied, try downloading the updated version(s). Free of charge, of course.

Now, please enjoy this darling kid fail compilation:

3 thoughts on “I am an evil human being for liking this video

  1. Terrance Foxxe ·

    That made my face hurt just watching! Wife loved the cat vids.

  2. jesse ·

    My favorite was the kid who did the back flip over the giant ball. How does that even happen??

  3. Terrance Foxxe ·

    The stalking cat. I couldn’t stop laughing. Since I have about ten of the little furry bags of shit, I could relate.

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