A Shitty Motivational Poster / Postcard for Every Occasion

I tend to make a lot of useless, unfunny motivational posters, postcards, and avatars in my spare time. Here are some of the more assinine.

I swear I didn't cry when Kirk's father died in the beginning of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

Jesse Gordon Google Search Results Fail

Graeme Edge will blow your fucking head off.

Fake advertisement - Sony--steal no other.

Tasteless joke postcard - You farted!


Baron Brand Condoms - because there are some things you should keep to yourself.

Mr. Bean postcard

Geek avatar - Bender gets Debian. A play off the first Futurama movie.

King of the Hill postcard - Enjoy the weekend. It'll make or break your friends' Friday.

You know what everybody says about me, huh? I suck!

I never said, 'help us!!!'

Aspiration means stepping on others to get to the top.

Motivational poster - Gymnastics--the only sport where people give you points for looking like you were tossed from a moving vehicle.

Happy birthday postcard

I'm not a Scorpio, I just act like one.

Christmas postcard - Hot nude gingerbread men.

What is the meaning of this crude interruption?

Yep, I feel a Monday coming on...

You make Bill Paxton want to hurl.

The Simpsons postcard

Demotivational poster - your appearance is comical to me

Motivational poster - we can get chicks. We just don't feel like it right now.

Motivational poster - Mother Nature.

If we can all agree that Hitler, boy bands, and roaming fees are evil, then it must also be possible that we can agree on a universal fucking hard disk format.

Justin Bieber - Yeater Motivational Poster

I AM WIN. (All-purpose FML and / or awkward win animated GIF.)

Round cake pans—can anyone tell me what’s the difference??

Eggs Tyrone - it's off da chain, baby!

To nerd is human.

What would Ray Bradbury do?

Shift Happens

Alex Lifeson is mortified

Which Mac is right for you?

Star Trek The Next Generation - Commander Riker - There are five lights!

Yes vocalist Jon Anderson during his invention of the word tobographic.

Skynet Broadband

Thinner WTF Motivational Poster

I voted for Beeblebrox

Jeff DeMunn's reaction to the walking dead - I've been here before...sort of.

Because sometimes three aren’t enough.

Regret - Motivational Poster

Ron Perlman has a baby...a Conan baby

Ralph Wiggum - Why do people run from me?

Motivational poster - Cat Jacuzzi

dev-null poster