Yeah, you blow into the cartridge.

Batsly Adams, an electrical engineer, has coded and constructed an actual 8-bit breathalyzer game. You blow into a modified game cartridge that’s connected to an NES controller input. The best part: You get to enter your initials into the “Alco-Hall of Fame” afterward.

This just goes to show that the greatest home video game console ever made can be used for more than just gaming. My brother and I used to hide M&M packets in the cartridge slot (Mom, if you’re reading this, I swear we never spoiled our appetites—we merely enhanced them). The cartridge slot can also be used as a makeshift sandwich warmer. The only reason we made this discovery was because The Legend of Zelda wouldn’t work right (fuck the ZIF socket) unless one of us held the cartridge down during gameplay. We tried stuffing several household items into the slot; finally, someone suggested using a sandwich, and it worked like a charm—but only if the sandwich had been made with white bread.

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