Blood Metal


Wikipedia may be the great oracle of information in these modern times of ours, but they don’t know everything. Take the heavy metal page, for example. It lists practically every metal sub-genre you could ever imagine—with one noticeable omission: blood metal.

The SuperMegapedia defines “blood metal” as the following:

A sub-genre of heavy metal and / or death metal with an emphasis on piercing vocals, heavily overdriven guitars, bass, and gain-enhanced blast-beat drum patterns. Blood metal sets itself apart from other metals in that there is less reliance on melodic technique and more of an emphasis on raw power. Microphones and amplifiers are often set to such levels as to illicit the breaking of glass, the blistering of skin, and the boiling of blood. Spontaneous bleeding from every orifice of the body is not unheard of during live performances—hence the term “blood metal.”

Kind of makes me think that Dethklok are really a closet-blood metal band masquerading as death metal for legal reasons. Pussies.

Not pussies: the musical pioneers on this list of up-and-coming blood metal bands who aren’t afraid to be damned for what they really are:

  • Bloody Discharge
  • Creeping Paralysis
  • Mass Dismemberment
  • Poetry of Pain
  • Puke Stain
  • Pustule
  • Putrid Infection
  • Rotten Corpse
  • Vasectomy
  • Violent Diarrhea

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