Can you teach me how to use chopsticks…to kill a ninja?

Pigs in Maputo - Things people ask because you are Chinese

(Via Pigs in Maputo.)

I’m not Chinese, but I am Geek, and Geeks are just as over-romanticized. Some things people ask because you’re Geek:

  • Do those glasses hurt your nose?
  • You’re a writer—can you do my term paper for me?
  • Can you fix my computer?
  • Can you install Windows 7 on my uncle’s twelve-year-old Gateway?
  • I dropped my camera into a pot of boiling water while having makeup sex with my boyfriend—can you fix the zoom lens?
  • You look like you know the Pythagorean theorem. Can you fix my computer?
  • Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
  • Do you prefer Lean Pockets or the regular kind?

(It should be noted that all of the tech-related questions are almost always preceded by, “I can’t pay you, but…” Or followed with, “…for free?”)

What are some things people ask YOU?

2 thoughts on “Can you teach me how to use chopsticks…to kill a ninja?

  1. Sal Perales ·

    “Can I buy some weed off of you.”

    To which my reply is usually.
    “No. Now leave me and my kids alone.”

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