Smashwords Co-Authoring Books?

Authored by Smashwords and Jesse Gordon

(The title is tongue-in-cheek, I assure you…sort of.)

I noticed that several of my e-books (SuperMegaNet, Vol. 1, for example) distributed to Barnes & Noble by Smashwords have been listed on the site with “by via Smashwords Jesse Gordon” as the author(s). Have any other Smashwords authors run into this, and do you know if it’s something that can be fixed on Smashwords’ end, or is it a Barnes & Noble thing? Because, as I tweeted earlier:

I’m flattered that @Smashwords wants to be my co-author, but alas I prefer to write alone. ;)

Update 2011-12-11: Barnes & Noble are looking into the situation (see comments below). Let’s hope it’s simply a matter of correcting a typo somewhere—and not anything that will require the chanting of demonic choruses or the summoning of evil spirits…

Update 2011-12-17: It looks like the bylines have all been fixed. Still don’t know exactly what went wrong, but kudos to the Smashwords and Barnes & Noble folks for restoring my good name. :p

5 thoughts on “Smashwords Co-Authoring Books?

  1. Catana ·

    This might be something new. I just checked one of my books and there’s nothing like that. My two books and a short story have been up there for a while, though. I think you should check with Smashwords and see what’s going on.

  2. jesse ·

    I did shoot Smashwords an e-mail about the issue, but they tend to be backlogged with tech support e-mails, so I figured I’d throw the question out to others to allay my worst fears while waiting for a reply. ;) It does seem to be a recent quirk, though; previously – say, a few months ago – my byline was showing up just fine. And B&N seems to be the only site affected. Weird.

  3. Catana ·

    I hope you get an answer — eventually. I know how slow Smashwords is, having received replies several weeks after posting questions. If you find out anything, post it here, please. I’m sure others will want to know about it, if they’ve had the same problem.

  4. Bill Kendrick ·

    Unclear why it’s coming out that way. PUBLISHER should be listed as “Author Name, via Smashwords” for independently-published books at B&N (as of about 11 months ago), but AUTHOR should be, simply, “Author Name”.

    B&N is correcting things on their end, and we’re investigating where the hiccup was. Sorry for the confusion!

    -bill! from Smashwords

  5. jesse ·

    Thanks for looking into this, Bill. I wasn’t sure if I needed to re-upload or not, as the issue appeared (I think) after a batch of re-ups I did a month or two back – I was hoping it wasn’t because of corrupt Word documents or meta info. on my end. LOL Not that I don’t enjoy going through my back catalog with a fine-toothed comb. ;)

    Thanks again.

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