There’s a first time for everything…except this.

From the Did You Know? department: I wrote this week’s SuperMegaNet episode in my pimp-ass bathroom…because, with everyone home for the holidays, it’s the only place left where I can actually be alone with my thoughts. And be nude.

Obligatory excerpt:

Ernie’s always ratting on Jan for being poor, but I’m thinking this actually doesn’t look at all like the crumbling, crime-infested poverty zone Theo had imagined—that is, until I reach the Kounicovas’ apartment complex, with its faded fudge exterior, three-quarters-dead lawn, and high-voltage power lines running directly overhead. The whole place looks like someone dropped a gigantic trailer into a muddy lot, and then it rained and the trailer took root and started growing more trailers over time.

The premise: Mini makes a last-ditch attempt to wrangle the gang back together by paying a visit to Jan’s apartment complex, and while there, something totally unexpected happens. Read the full episode here.